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    Website Marketing: making sure your prospects can find you

    One of the most common mistakes so many businesses make, is they build their website based on:

    • This is what I do
    • This is who I target
    • This is what I want to tell them

    Website marketing is about using your website to generate leads and conversions. So with this in mind, the approach to building a website should be:

    • Who is my target audience?
    • What is their problem or need?
    • Where are they in the acquisition process: information, research, transaction?
    • What are they looking for?
    • How will they find my website?
    • What will compel them to visit?
    • Do they know what to do next?

    9 Steps To Successful Website Marketing

    • View your website from your prospects’ perspective, not the business.
    • Understand the needs of your prospects.
    • Use the words your prospects use.
    • Write valuable information that provides solutions and answers to their needs.
    • Make sure your target audience can find your website:

    o organic search
    o paid search
    o social media; links, referrals
    o social media ads
    o referring sites
    o email signature
    o offline – is your website address everywhere your company is promoted offline?

    •  Promote your level of authority and expertise to build trust.
    • Convert a visitor to a lead : 

    o is it clear what they need to do
    o is the offer compelling
    o does it meet their need
    o what should they expect

    • Convert a visitor to a customer – if your searcher is sales ready make sure:

    o You have telephone number on every page
    o They can find all your contact information easily
    o They know what to do – call, email, fill out an inquiry form, consultation, proposal

    How we help with website marketing?

    • Identify the needs of your target audience.
    • Content creation: writing, optimizing and promoting.
    • Search engine optimization: on-page and off-page.
    • Design and navigation: visitor experience.
    • Calls to Action (CTAs): landing pages and conversion forms.
    • Promotion: social media and advertising.
    • Closed loop analytics.

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