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    Book in an Inbound Marketing Assessment with a Certified Inbound Marketing Professional to identify "what" you need to do to achieve your business goals this year. All you need to do is fill out the form on this page and we'll do the rest.

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    Inbound Marketing Solutions
    to help you get better results from your marketing

    Do you own a small to mid size business, and you're serious about growing your business? Or, are you a marketing or sales manager responsible for lead generation and business development?

    We can help you market your business to generate more leads and customers to grow your business and achieve your goals? Our marketing strategies are based on science, so we know it works. Not marketing fluff! Everything we do is transparent and easy to understand. No marketing jargon that leaves you confused!

    We will help you with:

    Getting Found

    • Awareness: making sure your target market knows about you and knows how to find you.
    • Reach: building your reach via social media, blog subscribers, newsletter subscribers and leads.
    • Content: creating content that is of value to your prospects, tailored to their requirements, based on where they are in the buying process.
    • Engagement: support to help you develop trust and rapport with your prospects and customers to help with customer acquisition and building referrals.

    Getting Leads and Customers

    • Lead Generation: offers and landing pages to turn more website visitors into leads.
    • Lead Intelligence: helping you understand your leads better so you can provide relevant information when they need it.
    • Lead Nurturing: email marketing and social media to nurture leads until they're sales ready.


    • Analytics and Reporting: using closed loop analytics we provide a monthly report so you can see what is working and what is not. Linking your results right back to the specifics like keywords and offers.

    This is how we do it

    • Strategic Planning Develop a Strategic Inbound Marketing Plan that includes tasks and timeline aligned with your business objectives.
    • Research and Analysis Website, competitors and industry- to identify areas of improvement to increase leads and conversions.
    • Buyer Personas - we take identifying your target audience to a deeper level by developing "personas" that tell you more about your audience, their values, needs and frustrations so your marketing builds trust and credibility resulting in higher lead and customer conversions.
    • Keywords Identifying the keywords your prospects use, so they can find you when they're looking.
    • SEO Implementing seo best practices to your website, links, content and social media communications.
    • Social Media Marketing Strategies and tactics to build reach and rapport with your target audience. Promotion and advertising for lead generation and thought leadership.
    • Content Creation  Valuable content your prospects will love - web pages, blogs, ebooks, press releases and more.
    • Communication Identify where your audience is, how to reach them, which channels, what style etc.
    • Lead Generation and Conversion Offers, calls to action (CTA), landing pages and conversion forms designed to pull qualified leads into your 'funnel', thank you pages and auto responders.
    • Lead Nurturing Email marketing and social media to nurture leads and move them down the marketing "funnel" to get them sales ready.
    • Reporting Closed loop reporting so you can identify right back to the source, what is driving leads and customers and improve your ROI.
    • Transparency Everything we do is completely transparent - you see the same results we see.

    Your next step

    Before you start any marketing, you should identify your goals, and know what you need to do to achieve your goals. An Inbound Marketing Assessment will help you identify where you are now, and what you need to do to acheive your goals.  To book in a free Inbound Marketing Assessment (IMA), fill out the form on this page.

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