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    How To Build Trust and Authority Into Your Inbound Marketing Plan



    A key step in the lead conversion process for your prospects is to trust you, and to see you as an authority in your industry. Below is a to do list that should be added to your marketing tactics.

    • Create a ‘clients’ page and include case studies and testimonials for each client and project.
    • Include short quotes or snippets to longer testimonies on your home page to the clients page.
    • Plan to share informative and quality content on a regular basis to your network; blog subscribers, and social media network. Min weekly.
    • Include social media share buttons on your content to make it easy for your network to share your content to their network.  To do this Google the social site for share button eg: "LinkedIn share button" there will be steps to create a custom code to add to your site.
    • Don’t be salesy or pushy with any of your content.  Be authentic in your attempt to educate your prospects and produce quality, valuable information.
    • Engage with your network on a professional and personal level – Ive included a link to a recent article I wrote on engagement below.
    • Track your keywords on Google Alerts to see what articles and blogs are also being published on similar topics. Comment on other blog articles or write about them in your own blog – giving credit and linking to their original article.
    • Learn where your industry influencers are and make sure you also have a presence and voice, look into; industry websites, LinkedIn groups, Facebook pages and groups, Twitter lists, industry events , virtual conferences and webinars.
    • Use the Answers tool in LinkedIn and search for keywords relating to your area of expertise to find questions you can answer. Do this at least weekly.
    • Make sure you walk the talk – use your own company as a case study and example of your product or service.

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