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    Izzy Learns Inbound Marketing Part 7: Website Conversion Tactics


    If you're new to the Izzy Learns Inbound Marketing series, Izzy represents Marketers and Business Owners, like you, who are looking for ways to increase leads and conversions from their website. You'll find links to the earlier blog articles at the bottom of this post.

    The purpose of this blog is to help you convert visitors to leads with offers and tactics.

    Recently we learnt that Izzy wants to increase his visitor – lead conversion rate from 10% - 15% so he could achieve his monthly revenue target of $40,000 per month.

    Izzy has already completed:

    1. Keywords for Inbound Marketing
    2. On-page seo for Inbound Marketing

    Now he needs to create an offer to convert his visitors to leads. This means he needs to create “top of the funnel” conversion tactics.

    To develop an effective, top of the funnel conversion tactic, take the time to think about what your prospects are searching for,  usually it’s about a problem or need – generic, not brand specific.

    The objective is to produce something that will give your prospects answers to their problem in the form of:

    • Whitepaper to download
    • Ebook to download
    • Webinar or webcast to sign up for
    • A tool or excel document they could download

    Izzy decides to produce an ebook that helps his prospects research the right solution for their problem. It will include tips on where to look and what to look for when choosing a vendor, what questions to ask, recommended pricing and qualifications that are important.

    Once you’ve decided on the best offer for your leads, make the time to write and produce your offer. Once it's completed the next steps are to:

    • Create a landing page designed to convert
    • Set up the lead nurturing emails
    • Create a CTA button to place on your Home Page and Blog
    • Promote your offer via Press Release, Email and Social Media

     Characteristics of an effective landing page:

    1. What is the action? – complete the form to download
    2. Who should take action?
    3. Why should they take action?
    4. What should they expect afterwards?
    5. What is the benefit to them?
    6. Very simple conversion form: name and email  is usually sufficient
    7. No menu bar or navigation
    8. The conversion form should be above the fold – able to be seen without scrolling down

    Lead Nurturing:

    Lead nurturing is a series of touch points your new lead receives from you. The objective is to nurture these leads down the funnel so they are sales ready. Through the Hubspot Lead Nurturing Tool you can set these emails up to be automatic once the lead has completed the conversion form.

    The first few emails should be focused on adding value to the lead, let them know about other free information you have, an upcoming webinar or another ebook/whitepaper.  Let them know about your blog and invite them to join you on your social media sites.

    In the last email offer them something that will get them sales ready, some ideas are: a free trial, discount or special offer, consultation with a sales rep.

    Next Issue:  We'll explore Link Building Tactics To Boost Your Organic Search Results

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