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    20 Ways To Come Up With Blog Ideas For Inbound Marketing

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    As we learn more about the benefit of blogging for lead generation and SEO, the question of 'what to write' is becoming a growing problem for many inbound marketers.

    Sitting in on a recent webinar about blogging I learnt 20 ways to come up with blog topics which I thought were valuable, so I wanted to share them with those who didn't attend the webinar.

    The credit for this information goes to Hubspot's Content Camp Councellors.

    1. Talk to your sales and/or customer service departments. They talk to prospects and customers all day and have a good idea on the questions they're asking.
    2. Surveys - Survey Monkey is one I see used a lot. Present the results in a blog article. To boost participation keep the questions to a minimum.
    3. Other relevant blogs - write a review about other industry blogs and/or websites.
    4. Industry Trends - what's happening in your industry, what's the buzz? This will also help establish you as an industry thought leader.
    5. Recent News - company acquisitions, new companies. What about new products or services?
    6. Linked In Answers - search by keywords relevant to your industry and look for questions you can answer. Answer them in a blog post.
    7. Guest Blogging - get your customers, partners and employees participating.
    8. Numbered Lists -  Just like this article.
    9. List of Links - Include a list of industry bloggers or websites that also provide valuable information for your readers.
    10. Educate and Teach - 'How to', 'Checklists', 'Guides'...
    11. Share a recent experience - share a book, article, webinar or trade show
    12. Press Release - use your blog as a press release before publishing on the wires.
    13. Email Inbox and Outbox - review topics, look for questions - these are all potential blog topics.
    14. Youtube - recent stats show that blogs with videos get more inbound links.
    15. Incentives - use gifts and rewards for popular posts to encourage employees to participate.
    16. Blog Comments - review comments on earlier blogs and other blog articles for topic ideas.
    17. FAQs  - write a blog article about each of your FAQs.
    18. Keyword Grader - review your keyword grader looking for keywords with low difficulty (under 60) that have some search volume.
    19. Facebook, Twitter, Linked In - Ask a question and summarise in a blog article. You may like to offer a link to any specific answers that get published.
    20. Customer Success Stories - summarise in a blog article with a link to a landing page to download the case study.

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    If you have any other ideas please share them in the comment section below.


    Your goal should be 2-3 blog posts per week. If you need some extra resources for planning, writing, publishing and implementing best practices for lead conversion we can help!

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