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    26 SEO Tips To Help Small Business Marketers Get More Traffic



    This article has been written for small business owners and marketers who want to understand enough about SEO to get results but not to qualify for a Masters in SEO. Use this article as your quick guide to finding the right keywords and knowing what to do with them.



    Choosing the right keywords

    1. What keywords do your prospects use to describe their need or painpoint?
    2. What keywords do your prospects use to describe your product/service - the solution?
    3. What keywords are driving traffic to your site?
    4. What keywords are converting traffic to leads?
    5. Look for keywords that have a difficulty rank (which means they're easy to rank for), and within that list look for the keywords with the highest search volume. Relevance is key so keep this in mind at all times. Ask yourself, "Would my prospects use this keyword?"

    Where to use your keywords

    1. Identify one keyword per page.
    2. Page url.
    3. Page title.
    4. Page Description.
    5. Page; main heading and sub headings.
    6. Blog title.
    7. Blog copy.
    8. Links in your blog articles to web pages and landing pages.
    9. Links in your press releases to web pages and landing pages.
    10. Descriptions and tags for; images, documents and videos.
    11. Social media updates
    12. Social media profile descriptions and links.

    Some tips

    1. Although place for your keywords is important don't overdo it or sound repetitive. Write for your prospect, not search engines.
    2. Set up all your social media profiles: Google+, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube.
    3. Google+, this does help with search so if you're limiting your social media profiles to a couple make sure this is one of them.
    4. Use social media daily, post updates, and engage.
    5. Search for relevant directories and upload your site; industry specific, local, networking etc
    6. Sign up to Google Webmaster and stay up to date with changes in Google and search.
    7. Submit your sitemap to Google; here's the link: Submitting Sitemap to Google
    8. Check your analytics weekly to know what keywords are working for you, make changes as needed.

    No.26 - this is important!

    Focus on creating a lot of valuable content your prospects can't live without. Blog articles, self help guides, how to guides, ebooks, whitepapers, videos, images. Use a keyword in their title and description and publish it everywhere; Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, Pinterest, Google+, press releases, presentations and blog articles. Then make sure its shareable (include social media share buttons) so your network with share with their network.


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