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    Thanks to @Hubspot and #HUGS11 My Kids Have Been Hubspotted


    When most 8 and 9 year olds are playing schools. My two kids are now playing "Business" thanks to Hubspot User Group (#HUGS11) and the Inbound Marketing Summit (#IMS11). Dressed up in their Hubspot visor, lanyard and #IMS11 bag - they walked out to the kitchen to inform me they are playing business. When I inquired how do you play "business" the reply was, "we talk about science and marketing, and have meetings."

    If you're not familiar with the Inbound Marketing Summit (IMS) or Hubspot you may be wondering what all this means.  IMS was a 2 day event that provided solutions to the challenges marketers face today. Through compelling keynote presentations from people like Youngme Moon and Guy Kawaski to practical workshops by Visible Gains.

    As I reflect on the key messages from IMS and HUGs there are 3 takeaways that stand out:

    1. Differentiation, Escaping the Competitive Marketing Herd by Youngme Moon
    2. How to grow and transform your business - first, love what you do by @paulroetzer
    3. The next phase of Inbound Marketing is about lead nurturing, moving leads down the funnel and getting them sales ready by @bhalligan

    Was this all? Oh no! Every session and keynote presentation was uniquely inspirational, meaningful and timely. At a time when marketers are looking for ways to get a bigger piece if the pie, or even grow the pie, reduce acquisition costs, improve customer retention and boost referrals IMS11 and HUGS11 provided the answers, both strategic and tactical. This event is one I'll be attending in 2012 without a doubt and if you're serious about growing your business you should seriously think about doing the same. 

    4 Exciting Inbound Marketing Announcements From Hubspot


    With so much noise on the web it’s difficult to stay on top of what’s really important. 

    Izzy Learns Inbound Marketing #7: How Lead Nurturing Helps Sales


    In case you're wondering, who Izzy is - Izzy represents a business owner or marketer - someone just like you.  Izzy Learns Inbound Marketing is a series of blog articles that follows the steps of an inbound marketing plan.

    Must Read! Google, Salesforce, Sequoia Invest in Hubspot


    I was first introduced to Hubspot at the Inbound Marketing Summit in 2007. I was involved with Marketing and Sales at the time, I could see the change the internet and web 2.0 was bringing to consumer behavior and buyer behavior.  It was obvious to me that marketing was changing, we were entering a new era of marketing and I wanted to learn more.

    Izzy Learns Inbound Marketing Part 7: Website Conversion Tactics


    If you're new to the Izzy Learns Inbound Marketing series, Izzy represents Marketers and Business Owners, like you, who are looking for ways to increase leads and conversions from their website. You'll find links to the earlier blog articles at the bottom of this post.

    20 Ways To Come Up With Blog Ideas For Inbound Marketing


    As we learn more about the benefit of blogging for lead generation and SEO, the question of 'what to write' is becoming a growing problem for many inbound marketers.

    Izzy Learns Inbound Marketing Part 6: SEO For Traffic and Leads

    inbound marketing ebook

    Have you been following the Izzy Learns Inbound Marketing series? Izzy presents a business owner or marketer - someone just like you. Who is learning about Inbound Marketing and following the steps of an inbound marketing plan.

    Inbound Marketing Answers: 10 Ways To Get Targeted Blog Subscribers


    Inbound Marketing is about content marketing and one of the best forms of content is the Blog. But how do you get your prospects to subscribe to your blog?

    Izzy Learns Inbound Marketing #5: 10 Ways to Find the Right Keywords


    The purpose of this blog series is to take business owners, and marketers down the path – they should be taking – to market their business effectively on the internet.  It focuses on the Hubspot tools to help existing clients leverage the tools effectively, however, the lessons learnt can be applied to other tools available.

    Izzy Learns Inbound Marketing Part 4: Goals + Strategies


    For those of you new to the Izzy Learns Inbound Marketing blog, Izzy represents marketers, business owners and sales professionals who are looking for ways to leverage the latest technology to increase leads and conversions.

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